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You are never too young to begin good skin care and never too old
to deny yourself 
beautiful skin and good health!
Hudson Face provides medical facial rejuvenation therapies. Our group is the perfect choice for facial skin evaluation and treatment. In partnership with Hudson Valley Geriatrics & Internal Medicine, our services include a thorough medical history as well as examination by an experienced  board-certified physician specifically trained in the evaluation of preventable and reversible skin conditions.
Our state-of the-art services include:
  • Expert use of the NeoLight Pod, the latest air-based laser skin technology 

  • Subtle skin firming, removal of freckles and age spots, and reshaping of facial contours by laser photo facials
  • Subtle to dramatic firming of neck skin and wrinkles with laser skin tightening
  • Laser treatments for all skin areas, including hands, neck, back, chest, and legs

  • Permanent hair removal by laser
  • Virtually painless 20 minute laser sessions with lasting results 
  • Botox injections to erase deep wrinkles, soften of active wrinkles, and to optimize skin maintenance by prevention of new wrinkles
  • Restalyne, Perlane, and other injectable dermal fillers to fill in deep furrows, eliminate unsightly folds, smooth away scars, re-sculpt cheekbones, restore volume to hollowed cheeks, plump thinning lips, and rebalance lip volume to more attractive proportions
  • Ongoing medical and aesthetic follow-up by our team of physicians, nurses, and laser technologists
So treat yourself, your friends or family! Hudson Face gift certificates are available upon request.
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Hudson Face

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